Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Time

I think right now if I could ask for anything it would be more time. More time to finish housework. More time to cook better meals (non frozen meals). More time to quilt. More time to help family members.

Unfortunately time is not on my side! Unfortunately my quilting list has gotten longer (only by a few things) and my time for quilting has gone down.

Yesterday I finished 5 different little baby quilts. I didn't do any patchwork, but still the quilting and then binding, it takes some time!
We recently had a baby boom in our ward and so I made some baby quilts for all of them. I barely had time to get a picture of them. We have had 4 babies born within the 20 days! Thankfully no one else is pregnant so I am good for awhile! (I think my biggest problem is I wait until the LAST moment to do them, so I am always rushing!)

I am also working on a Moda Bake Shop tutorial. I just need to quilt it, bind it and then write up the tutorial for it. Unfortunately I am going out of town this weekend for a family reunion so I will have to work on it next week. Here is a little teaser....

Then once this quilt is done, I am going to work on a quilt for my cousin. It is a wedding gift from my Mom and I, and she is getting married on the 18th (not 100% sure, but some where around that time) so I need to hurry and get that done! 

I need more time!


Sandra said...

Time is indeed precious and unfortunately seems to run at a faster pace when I'm sewing:)

Looking forward to seeing your new project for the Mode Bake Shop!

~Niki~ said...

oh i hear ya~i'm the same way. i work from home. so it's take care of 4 kids, work, clean house, and very little time anymore for fun things for myself. i think it's because school is out for me. when school is in, i have lots more ME time. summer are not fun over here, between heat and kids that cannot go outside LOL.

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