Monday, July 11, 2011

Thursday - Trip o San Diego

Thursday was a VERY long day for me!
 We first started out day out at Sea World. The first thing we did was watch the dophine show. There was no room anywhere else so we were stuck in the "soak" are. I bought the boys ponchos but they didn't watch it at all and just hid in the poncho. It was cool, but kinda long. They had a little kid area were we rode a few rides but the boys had had it, they wanted to leave.
 Everyone else stayed the rest of the day at Sea World. They ended up having  lot of fun.
 So where did we go? We went to Balboa Park to the Natural History Museum. They had a dinosaur exsibit that we walked through. The boys really liked it, but there wasn't much to see so it was over pretty fast.
 They would run from one area to the next, typical right?
 Then on the other half of the floor (the building was split into 4 different levels) there was a peguin are. The boys actually spent more time looking at that than the dinosaurs.
 They had a cool thing that you could use to walk like a peguin and then slide like a peguin.
 We then left and headed back to Mission Beach. Right next to it was a small little carnival that looked like a lot of fun. I didn't want to go back to the hotel yet with the rest of the afternoon left, so we went there. Kimball fell asleep on the way and was none too happy when I woke him up.
 We went on a ride called "Tilt-a-world" Kimball loved this! It was just right for him. Although at times I as worried that he would fall out!
 We then went on a ship ride. It was okay, but we had to sit inside of it and it was rather hot.
 We then went to do a Bummer Cars thing, but it as an air ride. I did talk the lady into letting Kimball ride, he LOVED it! If you couldn't tell by his face.
 It was rather loud, so luckily I had ear plugs for the boys.
 We then went on this little boat ride, mostly because it was one thing that Kimball could ride on. We then went on the Tilt-a-world again. There were several more rides that I would have LOVED to go on, but it just wasn't possible with just one adult. Brandon was tall enough to go on all the rides, and I could have talked him into doing them too, but I didn't have someone to watch Kimball and Nathan. Oh well, I will have time when they are older.
 We finished the carnival off with Brandon going on this. By this time, Kimball and Nathan were done. So we got a Happy Meal for dinner and headed back to the hotel.
 We spent an hour swimming for the last time in the pool. We were trying to wait for everyone else to get back but they took a lot longer. The water was still pretty cold, and even though I got the boys to swim longer, it wasn't much fun. There were also other people who were in the "hot pool" so Nathan didn't really want to swim. Although it was pretty funny, they were drinking (against the pool rules) and Nathan said very loudly, that they were "bad" people because they were drinking alcohol. LOL
We then went up stairs to finish out our night and maybe get a early start to bed, but then that's when everyone got home. I didn't feel like swimming again, so I kept Zayne and we played for  bit. It was really fun, and it was nice to only have to watch a baby for awhile instead of 3 very active kids!


Kayla said...

I think the museum looked like so much fun! Landon and I spent a day in Sea World on our honeymoon and there was only so much we could do there!!

I still love your short hair!!!

martilindsey said...

Wow....that's a lot to do in one day!!!

My Max's favorite ride in Mission Beach is also the little boats...he loves them. Glad you had fun in my home town!

Marti in San Diego!

Anonymous said...

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