Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wednesday - Trip to San Diego

Ahh Wednesday was a much anticipated day for us. When I first told the boys about the trip, I sold them on the trip to Lego Land! So every day since we arrived in California, I was bombarded with requests of when were we going to Lego Land! So Wednesday we finally went! 
We arrived as soon as the park opened at 10am. The boys were so excited! Trying to keep them tamed while we got everything ready was VERY hard!
 We first went into a building that had a "make your own car" place. We each made a car and raced them. The boy's liked it but wanted to get to the "dinosaur" area.
 We then found this aqua ride. We all went on it except for the Grandparents. We all got a little wet, but we soon dried.

 We then went to the "tea cups" or the Bionicles area. Kimball was too small! We didn't find out until we were about to ride on the ride, so I took him over to my Dad, while he cried the whole time. Cade couldn't ride either.
 We then stopped for lunch, where Jenni, Chris, Dad , Cade and Zayne went to go see a Navel Ship thing. Not sure what it was, but my boys wanted to stay and so did the girls. So Mom and me got the rest and spent the rest of the day together. We then headed off to the dinosaur part. Rode a Roller coastersaurus ride and then went to play in the "fossil" area.
 They had been to a thing kinda like this, so they weren't as excited, but never the less played for a bt.
 There was TONS of different lego Dinosaur figures. This was the boy's favorite one.
 You would think with how much the boys go on about which dinosaur this was I would remember the name but I don't.
 They did have a little gift shop in the area but I was VERY surprised as to how little lego dinosaur things they had. They had no dinosaur kits or even lego figures. We did though end up getting a larger lego figure that said he was a paleontologist, but that was about it.
 Grandma was so sweet and got each of the boys a little stuffed dinosaur! They LOVE THEM! I tried to put them away so we wouldn't loose them, but the boys would have none of that and carried them the rest of the day. Kimball has "Paddy, Brandon has "Steg" and Nathan has "Tri".
 We then went on a nice fairytale boat ride. It was very cute to see all the different fairytale things made out of legos.
 Then we went on a safari ride! The kids really  liked it. I though got stuck by myself.

 Then it was time for Grandma to have a rest, so I took the kids and went on a few rides. We did have a problem with one roller coaster that when we got to the front of the line, Zoey and Kimball were too short so we had to leave, boy did I hear some crying after that! Kimball LOVES going on the roller coasters!
 We then went on a sky ride. I thought you had to peddle the whole time, but nope it was automatic.
 We then found Grandma and went to this little wood castle park thing. It was HUGE! The kids had a lot of fun running around!
 You should have seen us trying to find them all to leave, it took us almost as long to find them all as it was to play.
 We then went on a boat squirting ride thing. We got so wet! But the kids had a lot of fun!
 Then there was a horse ride, we did have to fib....Kimball was 4 years old for this ride!
 We did go on more rides and overall had a very FUN day. We ended up getting home late due to running to the store and grabbing dinner and whatnot.
I think we could have spent another day there as well, but oh well. Next time we visit.

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