Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday - The trip home

Finally it had come to the time to go home. I didn't drive up, but ended up driving all the way home. We left about 9am and didn't make too many stops. We stopped though right before we were leaving California and at a Big Boy. 
 I had always wanted to eat there, but once there decided to just have a chocolate milkshake...lets say I have had better. But it was fun to sit down and eat.
 Of course we had to get pictures with Big Boy!
 The boys weren't too happy, but knew by now Mom wanted to take pictures and that it was easier to just do it.
 For the last few days I was carrying Zayne in a baby sling. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE stopped and oggled at him! I am getting the feeling that there are not many babies in California or Vegas. Or they never saw a very blonde and pale woman with a dark baby!
 I did get to sample some onion rings that were very tasty!

 The boys were so well behaved! I was so proud of them! I think they might be getting the hang of it.

 I sure do love my little nephew! We did end up stopping right before we got into Vegas to get my Sister some used playing cards. It ended up taking her longer, but it was kinda nice to relax for awhile.
Then once we were past St. George we stopped at a rest area for a bit. The kids ran around (a much needed stretch) and then I was trying to show them how to do cartwheels (pictures of me doing the cartwheels are too embarrising). Then off to home! We ended up getting in VERY late and then to top it off, Brandon started throwing up that night. Not very fun, but I am glad that if we was going to get sick, it was at home. 

We all had  GREAT time on our trip and it was a nice vacation. Now we are still trying to get into a routine again and get into the swing of things.

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~Niki~ said...

well it sure looks like everyone had a great time! wish my hubs and i had the extra $ to go take a trip to CA or something. this summer was spent on a $6600 air conditioner lol. i guess that takes priority when you live in Arizona~ugh.
hey, we had a big boy here years ago. it closed. i didn't think it was that great either.