Friday, July 15, 2011


I have a cousin who is expecting a little baby soon. She has loved my quilts for ages ( ahh I love fans!) But she has wanted to try her hand at quilting too. So she decided to make a baby blanket. They are huge Western People (I mean come on her husband has won 5 different saddles!) So I thought her fabrics were amazing! She also did a VERY good job considering it was her first quilt she has ever made (I think so anyway).

She asked me if I could quilt it for her, and I couldn't say no.
 I am not sure what pattern she used, but she had this awesome brown minki for the back. I thought I would have a harder time quilting it because of it, but it wasn't much different than normal.
 She asked if I could do a star and swirl design. So I tried it.My good sewing machines are on the fritz, so I have a VERY small little Kenmore that I am sewing on, (so that is why it's not perfect....yeah it's the machines fault) but I thought I was able to achieve a very nice look.
I thought that back looked awesome! You can really see the design on the back.I used a varigated brown thread which went very well with it.

Overall I think Kayla did an amazing job on this quilt! Her little boy is so lucky!


Kayla said...

You are so sweet!!! I am just happy that you couldn't say no! :) I have showed so many people your star and swirl and they love it! my mother in law I think would like you to quilt a Blanket for her! :)

Thank you Thank you! I love it!!

Jan said...

Well done Kayla AND Crystal!