Sunday, March 22, 2009


Every Mother thinks their children are the best and that they are the smartest person in the world. I am no exception, I think my Brandon is so stinking smart! He does take after his Daddy in this area, but Brandon is one of the highest in his autism class and I am to bet in his regular kindergarten class as well. Brandon can read extremely well, do math exceptionally and can o through a workbook in less than a hour. He has gone through so many workbooks I cannot find any more that he hasn't done. We have been working on reading 500 minutes this month so that he can win a swim pass to a local water park. As we read I am just amazed at how well he can do. He can sound out words easily and knows words that I would have never thought he knew. I am just so proud of him!
Nathan is my lovey boy! He is so affectionate. He will do what he needs to, to make someone happy. He will do anything he can for his friends. His speech has improved drastically this year and has started making conversations and will actually engage in a conversation that he doesn't start. This is a major improvement for him. Nathan loves his family and adores his brothers. He always wants to be with them. Nathan is doing great at school and is improving with sitting still
for longer periods of time.
Kimball is my happy boy! He is always happy and willing to give a hug and kiss when asked. He is starting to begin his terrible two's but when he is not tired or hungry he is a great baby! He loves Brandon and is always calling for him, and lets not forget about Daddy. Daddy is his favorite person in the world! He calls for him after the boys go to school and when we go to Daddy's work and are waiting for him to come out, he will sit and call for his Daddy until he comes out. Kimball loves to run and explore but wants to make sure his Mommy or Daddy is close by to help him in case he gets scared. He loves to wear shoes but as soon as we get in the van he wants them off. He enjoys his daily walks with Mom in the park and just loves to be out.
I am so blessed to have my three boys. I would not have traded them for anything in the world, and yes even though my body has changed drastically with each child I would not trade it for anything. Even though we have our daily problems and we get to the point where we just can't handle it much more I cherish every moment. I love motherhood and I know that it is my calling in life and I am happy with it. I thank my Lord every day for what He has blessed me with. I am one lucky woman!

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