Friday, March 13, 2009


For FHE this past Monday, we signed up to go and help clean up our ward building. We were thinking something easy or the boys like washing door knobs or wiping tables, but when we got there we found out that there was a lot more things that needed to be done, like mopping the gym!
Brandon was pooped by the time we left, I guess the super powers have their limits too.
Us as we were makeup, beautiful I know!

Kimball had fun running around the church, so as we were leaving we had to pick him up so we could leave.

Brandon and Nathan went in their costumes, Brandon was Batman and Nathan was Optimus Prime. I think it gave them super powers. They helped me with the classrooms by washing tables and trim in the rooms.

Kimball would go around and inspect the rooms!

They had fun watching Dad mop the gym floor. I swept it and Trav did a mop job. It went surprisenly fast.

Nathan is supervising from the stage, and Kimball had fun just running!

It was a good experience for the boys. We talked about service and how it makes us feel good. They seemed pretty excited when we left and were still pretty happy when we left. I was proud of them and how hard they worked. It was a fun FHE.

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