Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been trying to post every other day so that I can keep better track of things. but I am failing at that. I have come to think that we aren't doing anything that exciting and nothing is happening.

Something is happening, just not fun. My boys and I are sick. Travis so far is the only one not sick, but I have a feeling he will get this wonderful cold or whatever we have very soon. It started with Brandon getting an ear infection on Thursday night, to Kimball have a tempature this weekend, and Nathan who just can't recover from being sick a few weeks ago. Poor guy is just coughing constantly. Now I am coughing and am feeling pretty crudy.

Taking care of sick kids isn't fun nor being sick yourself, what I am mostly upset about is the fact that I cannot exercise! I am going to loose everything that I had a week ago! Oh well I guess, but hopefully it will turn sunny soon so that cold weather will go away. Then it will be easier to exercise and want to exercise because it will be so nice and sunny out. That is my thought anyway.

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