Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

This is a nice canvas stick piece that my Father in law made for us. We almost have one for every holiday!
The boys have been so excited for St. Patrick's Day. Brandon has told me it will be March 17th about 50 times. We "had" to have green everything! We already had green sweats so I got them each a green shirt, but at the last minute we got green flip flops! We mostly needed them because Nathan and Kimball needed sandals.
Although since Kimball doesn't really care at this point in time I just made sure that he was wearing green because Brandon and Nathan WILL pinch him if he isn't.
Brandon HAD to wear his coat because it was green. I told him that he didn't have to wear it all day long and that he was already dressed in green but we will see if it did stay on all day or not.
I bribed them with a green oreo if they would let Mommy take their picture. So you will see that they have some in their hands.
I love Nathan's smiles. He tilts his head and says cheese! I love his moon eyes! He looks a lot like his Uncle Joe.
Brandon is silly and it is extremely hard to get him smiling his "good" smile. But mostly he just puts up with Mom when she has the camera out.
Kimball has gotten into a phase where he will not look at you when you have the camera in hand. No more posing :( Oh well. I was able to get his face this time because Brandon was on the other side! Cute boy!
We wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Lopez Life said...

i really like the picture with the boys standing in order! It's really cute!!