Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shin Splints

I HATE SHIN SPLINTS! Last week I was hurting really bad from them when I was exercising and preparing for a 5k. But this Monday I had a great workout and my legs felt great, come around Wednesday and Thursday they are hurting again! Could it be that we are running faster? No idea, I just know that I hate them.

Then it brings me to a thought, we all know that exercise is important and that it is good for you. I have been told that if you exercise it will give you more energy. WHEN does this ENERGY come? I have never felt the new ENERGY from exercising, or anymore energy that what I had before. But I do see that every day that I do exercise I am more tired that day. Maybe it is something that comes after 3 weeks. Not sure. Or it could be my size, I am no size 0 (like a cousin of mine).

What keeps me going since I am more tired and hurt? The exercise high. You have to wait until the very end but you get it and then you feel like you are doing something good! But I do have more respect for those who run!

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