Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning

As we enter into this Spring season I get a cleaning bug. I want the house to be sparkling, well as clean as it can get with 3 little boys running around.
One thing that I have realized is how dirty your walls can get, so that is one major thing that I am going to be working on, cleaning all the walls so that they will be completely white again (since we are renting no color on the walls).

Last night as I was vacuuming my bedroom my vacuum of 7 years has died. I received it as a wedding present in 2002. So it is time to get a new one. Since I am not made of money we got what we could afford. We got a Hoover Mach5. As I vacuumed the computer room tonight I am amazed how well it vacuums. Now one of the other things that I will need in my spring cleaning is a carpet cleaner. No matter how hard I try to keep our carpets clean they manage to get dirty and get spots!! YUCK! So this year I am going to get a carpet cleaner that I can use.
I have come to believe that when your house is clean you are happier. As much of you know this is extremely true, but as always every house gets dirty. So I like to have a nice once of a year deep cleaning. So I challenge all of you to do your own spring cleaning, and if you don't think that you house needs to have a deep clean, come to mine and help me!

After looking at different spring cleaning lists I have found one that I liked. http://candyheartsandpaperflowers.blogspot.com/2009/03/spring-cleaning-checklist.html


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Barbara said...

I'm glad you like the list! :) I'd gladly take help with the cleaning. Good luck with your cleaning marathon.