Friday, March 13, 2009

Field Trip at the Dinosaur Museum

Today we went to the Dinosaur Museum for Nathan's class. This is the first time that Kimball went and knew what was happening. We went 2 times last year but was only a baby.
Kimball was so excited to get out of the stroller and run around, he was very interested in everything around him.
Nathan would stop and pose for me when I called his name. He got bored later on with it.
This was a tunnel that they had that showed what some dinosaurs lived in. Nathan thought it was fun. But not interesting enough.
Kimball was so afraid of it and wouldn't go in, but after 5 minutes watching the other kids go in and out, he decided to go in. He thought it was pretty cool and I had to drag him out.
Kimball grabbed that puzzle piece and would bang it all around the table. Thought it was a good music toy.
This is the area where they had sand and water to play in. Nathan was so excited to play.
Kimball was so afraid to go in, and then once he crawled under the table to play inside of the circle of sand and water. He finally stood up and grabbed my hand before he played in it. He thought it was pretty cool.
This is a Nathan smile. So cute! He would just rub the sand and water, he didn't want to explore more. A very different action than Brandon and Nathan.

Doesn't it look like he is picking his nose? So cute.
By now Nathan is very bored with me taking pictures of him, he is barely smiling now.
Kimball thought it was very awesome to sit on this step and play with the stuff.
By now Kimball is not thrilled with me taking pictures of him either. Although this look is definately a Nathan glare. SO CUTE!
Nathan wouldn't even come near this shark but Kimball walked right up to it. He would have crawled into it if I had let him.
Digging in the sand now for dinosaur bones! Later on Nathan would say that his legs were stuck in the sand!

Kimball just played in one area. He thought it was pretty fun, but no exploring again.

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