Friday, October 22, 2010

1 down 2 to go!

This Halloween I am making the boys their own costumes. In the past years I ended up just buying them for them but I think I am becoming more comfortable in my sewing capabilities.

Nathan wants to be a Long neck dinosaur. Kimball wants to be Thomas (big surprise). Then Brandon wants to be Sponge Bob. So lets begin!!

Presenting Nathan the Long Neck Dinosaur!!

He had a very hard time standing still...he kept walking towards me

Her he is "eating" He like this position a lot

 I took a sweat suit that I bought at a thrift store, and then an extra pair of pants (one size bigger). Used the pair of pants to make the tail. I made the tail attachable with a button so that he can take it off and on. I then took the other leg and the waist part to make the head. I filled the head with stuffing (and the tail) then the waist part I put elastic around the face area to keep it tight. Then I sewed the head to the neck of the sweat shirt.
 I then took an old pair of black sweat pants and cut circles and triangles to make the spots and spikes. I made triangles into a pocket and Nathan helped me fill the triangles with stuffing. I then sewed them on to the tail and back. I then glued the circles on the back part of the head,shirt, tail and pants. I then did a blanket stitch around the circles in a bright green thread.

 The only problem I am having now is that the head is wobbling and won't stay on his head! I am at a loss as to how to stabilize it.
 I used some more black sweat pants to make the mouth and eyes and then I did some detail work. Nathan wanted to have him "roaring" but since Long Necks don't eat meat we had to give him appropriate teeth.
 Nathan likes to walk around on all fours to become more like the dinosaur.
I think I have created a monster! He loves his little outfit, and I expect that as soon as Halloween is over he will want to be in his costume all the time!! Thank goodness it is made out of sweat suits so it's comfortable!


The Andrew's said...

That is the cutest halloween costume ever! You are so creative!

Jan said...


Anonymous said...

You are so creative!!! My boys would LOVE to have this costume!

Tiffany said...

How cute!