Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Birthday Party

Just on Travis's side of the family alone, we have 5 different birthdays, and I have 2 siblings with an October birthday. I wish I was on top of things and was able to send everyone birthday cards and remember everyone's birthday but I am not that good. So first and for most, Happy Birthday to October peeps!

Also since most of Trav's family is in the same area we had an October Birthday party. I does include all November and December birthdays, but I think we will have another party before then. But we had All of Trav's siblings, except for one that lives in north Idaho and then we had 1 step sister from Northern Utah and 1 step sister from Ely Nv. So we had quite a few people. Okay so I feel that people just wanted to come and takes my famous brownie cake!! (Okay so maybe I am dreaming).
 There were a total of 10 grand children there 9 boys and 1 girl! My boys had so much fun playing is cousins that they don't see often.
 We ate some tacos outside and then had cake and ice cream.
 We had different people in different groups all over the back yard. (Too many names too)
 We had kids playing on the swing set....
 Playing on the slide.....Thanks goodness Grandma and Grandpa has some nice lawn toys
 We had people chilling everywhere
 Here is Brandon on top of a slide. He was so cute!
 Here is little Riley, the only girl in a yard full of boys.

 I posted this picture of Uncle Derek, mostly to embarrass him. I told them all to say cheese and somehow when I took the picture he had a little smooch look on his face.

 This is Carson and Riley, they are siblings, they are almost the opposite of my boys. They are calm children! But they are so loving! I loved this picture!
 Here is me and Trav, I don't realize I look so tired! But I have been tired a lot lately.
 Here is my brownie cake! 3 boxes of brownies to make a 3 layered cake. I used ganache for the filling and then warmed it up again and poured it over the cake.
 It was VERY VERY good, but very rich! So next time I am going to make maybe only 2 layers but use something different for the filling and then just a regular chocolate frosting for the frosting.
 How doesn't that just make you crave chocolate? Okay I need to eat some now.....
 We had the older boys playing basket ball.
 Here are all of our October Birthdays....
 I think almost everyone took a piece of the brownie cake. We did have left overs too that the boys took with them to school for lunches the following week.
Here is Brandon and Riley. He thought she was very cute and wanted to play with her, too bad she didn't want to swing anymore.

I don't think we have too many November birthdays, but I think I can talk everyone into another party, especially if I make another cake!


Sara said...

Aww, B-days!!!! So MUCH fun to pass around!!! That cake is making my eyes WANT it!!!

Stephen and Heather said...

That cake was good Crystal. Thanks for making it. I am glad that we came. We don't get to see you guys very often or do things with that side of the family. You took a lot of good pictures. I am going to steal some. I need to see what pictures we took and post them, probably on FB.