Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sick Trav

On Friday Travis had a Tosillectomy with a Adenoidectomy. So those fancy words, he got his tonsils and adenoids out. If anyone has had it out ( I haven't) but it is really painful. So Trav is in pain and miserable! He has had strep throat for the last 3 months straight, so this was a much needed surgery. But now with it over you don't get to see the effects for several weeks.

Trav was a very good sport and let me take some pictures of him in his miserable state.
He had a fever right here so he was freezing! The room was up in the high 80's or 90's

Even though he is sick I still think he is one handsome man!

He had a cool rag on his forehead, frozen veggies under his chin and he had just finish sipping some hot onion soup.

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dawson.tracy35 said...

i have been there! i had mine done at 30, 5 years ago... OMG it is the worst thing i have ever experienced. the pain was worse than child birth and i had all three of my kids with no pain medication! it is bad and it seems to last forever. keep him well hydrated becuase if he gets dehydrated the wound in his throat could start hemorraging. It hurt so bad to swallow so its hard, but the pain is worse than bleeding to death. i was stubborn and thought it would not happen to me and i was wrong, i wound up having to go to ER with a sheet soaked full of blood, it was horrible! he actually looks like he is doing a lot better than i did!

tell him it does get better and the end results are worth it, i rarely get sick now when i used to be sick all the time.

Good luck to you too as well!