Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better than never......

Okay so if you want to know where I have been....that is a good question and I have no answer!! Okay if I must place blame, it will be on FACEBOOK!!!!! Those darn FACEBOOK games!! I just seem so darn addicted to them, so instead of sewing or even checking blogs or posting (like I have done in the past) I have been on facebook playing games. So thus the reason why I haven't posted about Kimball's 3rd birthday yet! So here it is!

 Birthday Boy with Daddy! This was the best picture I could get.
 Birthday Boy with Mommy! I spent the morning at the boys' school volunteering in Math.
 Then the afternoon I spent making this cake! I thought I did rather well until I got online and saw other cakes and then I didn't feel so hot about my cake.
 Kimball wanted a Thomas cake, and I did something like this for Brandon on his 3rd birthday. He was really into Thomas too. Although this cake is TONS better than Brandons.
 One side was with Thomas with Annie and Clarrable and then Percy on the other side with some troublesome trucks.
 Percy here...I was going to try and make the rest of the trains out of the little cake molds I had, but they were falling apart, so I ended up just mixing all of the cake with some frosting (colored) and use a little square tubberware to smash and mold it into a train frame. It tasted good, but didn't look as pretty. But by this time I just wanted to finish the cake (I know I don't have that much patience)
 I used chocolate melts for the wheels, it helped keep the cake mold from loosing it's shape.

 I like this truck the best because of the mouth, it looks more like what the trains do.
 Thomas and his cars were coperating a little more with me, but Thomas was falling apart pretty bad. It lasted until it was time to eat.
 Kimball was so excited about it! So I guess I did an okay job!!
 Brandon and Nathan were pretty excited about it as well. Brandon dressed up a little and put on his clip on tie.
 Kimball was all over Thomas! It took so much energy to just try and keep him away while I took pictures, then it went into the fridge until the cake and ice cream.
 Notice the tongue? He didn't actually lick it, but if he did, oh well,he was the only one that was going to eat it. But in this picture you can get the idea of how Thomas was falling apart.
 Kimball was telling Nathan what was in all of his troublesome trucks.
 We had Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek over for the cake and ice cream. Grandpa and Grandma Walker were going to come, but Grandpa got sick :( Kimball told me that Percy was for Grandpa, but since Grandpa couldn't come Nathan got him.
 Here is Kimball's plate.I thought it made a good picture! I do have to admit, I think I did a pretty good job with Thomas. I like my detail work!
 If by now you haven't noticed that my boys (okay the whole family) likes trains, I will tell you now, we are a TRAIN FAMILY! I wanted to look at some thrift stores (trying to save money) first to see if I could find some train toys for his birthday. Nathan found this train for him and wanted to give it to him. Kimball liked it
 Mommy and Daddy got him two new trains, ummm I am not 100% sure on the names, but they are from the new Thomas movie, Misty Island. Kimball really likes that show.
 I wanted to show here that Nathan was "helping" Kimball open his presents, he basically did it for him.
Kimball last's present was a big coloring book of the Thomas movie, Misty Island. I saw it at the grocery store and couldn't resist.

It was a really good day! Nice company and good food! Kimball was so happy with everything. That is my only goal make my kids birthday's a wonderful day because the day they came into my life made me so happy.

I can't believe my baby is 3 now! For some that are wondering (family) 3 kids are perfect right now for us. We are not against having more kids but as of now we are good with three!


Sara said...

That cake came out really great---your son probably thought you were just the greatest ever for making that JUST for him!!!

The Picketts said...

The cake looked great! And WHO CARES what other people's looked like...the only person who mattered was Kimball, and by the pictures, it looked like he LOVED it! Way to go! Happy Birthday, Kimball!

Catherine said...

The cake looks great!! I'm sure the kids loved it especially with all those lollies or candy as you would probably say. Hey as you know I've just joined facebook and I'm not even going near those games!!

Stephen and Heather said...

You did a really good job on the cake. Cute!