Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you want to do a good deed??


Okay so right now I am not doing good catching up on my blog, or sewing a lot or just I am not me right now! I hear that when you have a life change in your life you loose motivation in things. So that is me right now. I haven't felt like sewing or crafts or cleaning...okay so everything, but now I found something!!!

Both Brandon and Nathan attending Giant Steps Autism Preschool, and when they started going (4 years ago) I joined the parent PTA group, Friends of Giant Steps. Since then I have spent time and energy helping Giant Steps in any way I can. Right now we are planning an auction!! This will be the 3rd Annual Giant Steps Auction!!

Why am I telling you this (besides letting all my stockers know what I am up to), I am in need of donations! I am looking for a variety of donations from crafts to gift cards to anything!!! We are a 501(c)3 charity organization so you will get a tax credit if you like. When you donate your item, your business name will be displayed next to the item and for those that have online shops, your website will be listed next to it as well. Also we will have a program with the list of all of the business's name on it. A GREAT way to get your name out there!!

If you are interested in donation please email me! (My email is on the top left hand side of the blog) The auction will be help on November 20th, so I would need the item(s) by  November 15th.

If you want to find more information about Giant Steps feel free to check out our website (it's a little outdated). Giant Steps Autism Preschool


Amy said...

The auction will be help on November 20th, so I would need the item(s) by November 25th.

Do you have your dates mixed up?? I know we can donate a basket this year. Just email me the right date!!

Amy said...

I have the basket ready :), let me know when you'll come pick it up!