Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bee Block Catch up

I have gotten behind on my bee blocks!! AHHH!! I used to be so good and would stay on top of these things but alas I am not perfect! So here are some AWESOME blocks that I made (okay maybe not awesome, but good).

For my 1 year 12 quilts, this block is for Geri. She had this adorable doll pattern piece that she wanted us to use. Then she asked us to embellish it for us. This was the August block! I had my September blocks that I sent out. 

I added hair to her, she just seemed to need it! I really like how it turned out, and I think that even if she washes her quilt, I made it so it won't fray.
Isn't she pretty? I like the necklace too!

I was trying a new thing, I stitched in white beads to the hem of the skirt

For the Pretty in Pink Bee, this is for Lisa. She wanted a string bee. I did the traditional type of block and then made two long rectangle blocks.
I can't remember completely but I think this is a 10" block

I think this is the more traditional string block

This is the two rectangle blocks. I really liked the colors that she picked and I can't wait to see what she puts together!
The the last block that I have done is for the Round Robin bee that I am in. Unfortunately we have had such an issue with some of our members!! Apparently one of our members is holding some blocks hostage!! :( You just never know what is going through some people's head!! But these are Margaret's blocks.
She wanted a Christmas tree block. Any type of trees we wanted. Last night I just went to town and enjoyed making a wonky style block

When I was putting this one together I accidentally sewed my bottom piece on before I added the "log" oops. Oh well I am really enjoying this look better. I originally was going for up and down stripes.

This was more of a free hand wonky tree

Here is her collection of trees! She has some nice trees! It is going to be one pretty quilt!

Even though I have 3 sets of bee blocks done I still have about 3 or 4 more that I still need to do!! I have to go through my pile, now when you get a pile that is bad!! LOL


Lopez Life said...

I really like the little girl!! And the Christmas trees!Just FYI, the kids can't wear masks for their costumes.:( Because of school and church.

Amy said...

Oh My Everloving Cuteness Crystal. Are you for real? A girl with a cute pearl beaded skirt - and those Christmas trees, I just love love love them!