Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Halloween Assembly

With the boys at their new school, they don't have an official Halloween party. They have had Red Ribbon week all last week, and then finished the week with everyone dressing up. Each class did a chant or song that they then performed for the parents. The K-2 were in the same area and performed together.
 Kimball was a little shy before everything started.
 Nathan's poor head kept hitting the kids around him.
 You can find Brandon in the back hiding! He was mad because he couldn't come over and see us. So he tucked his head in!
 Here is the Kindergarten teacher playing his guitar, they sang a cute little song.
 Here is the resource class doing their chant. It was fast.....and I just got it as they were leaving.
Here is kinda the big group of them all. We met in the library, with the kids on one half of the room and the parents on the other. I am glad they split the school up, I don't know if they could have all fit in here!


Amy said...

LOVE seeing all the costumes!!!

Pat said...

Very nice photos, Crystal.
Happy Quilting!