Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Before the end of the Year Projects

In the past I have dreaded Christmas, mostly due to the fact that I am trying to finish projects that I have created and wanted to give away as gifts. This year I have only 1 gift that I am making and need to finish. Due to budget cuts in the sewing department, I am not making Christmas gifts this year for family members, everyone can get a lovely card from us instead. How sweet I know! What I am getting at is that my projects that I want to get done is rather low! I have been extremely stressed lately and I figure if I just do the bare minimum for the rest of the year (December) I can recharge and relax a little. So to help organize myself I have created a list of what I want to get done by the end of the year. I am fairly confident I can get it done and hopefully most of it done within a few weeks!

December To do List:
1. Moda Quilt
2.Christmas gift (I don't want to give more info....it's still a surprise!!)
3.John and Jacque's Quilt (I just need to actually quilt this one)
4. Live, Laugh, Sew Bee blocks
5. Live, Laugh, Sew Fabric Swap
6.Round Robin Bee Blocks
7. Pretty in Pink Bee blocks

Not a bad list! I need to get my bee blocks done asap and plan to get that done next week. I should be getting some more blocks for December, so as they come I will get them done. I hate having them hanging over my head! I just feel bad that I haven't been on top of them as I should have, but the good news, 2 out of the 4 bee's that I am in end in December!! YEAH!!! Then I am taking a break from Bee's for awhile!! I think I might want to do some different swaps that are all over flickr.

Does anyone else have this long of a to-do list, or even scarier...LONGER??? I wish you luck as you work yourself to get it done. I will lend you my support and encouragement! I have one tip to help you get that motivation that you may be lacking.....check out the MANY different blogs that I have on my "Fellow Quilters" blog roll. You can see MANY different projects that others are making, and it can be quite inspiring! I know that I am itching to get home and back to my sewing machine!

Then because I don't like posts without pictures, here are a few books that I am going to see if my library has, they seem like some good books to browse through and to read!

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Sara said...

Material Obsession is a GREAT read--a must have in your quilting collection;)