Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trav's New Hobby

Trav has a new hobby that has quickly become into an obsession. Yesterday he told me that he is going into withdrawls! The last time he went was 2 weeks ago! Silly man!
He loves to go into mines and find rocks!! I think soon we will have a room FULL of rocks because he brings home so many!
Here is him and one of his friends, Dave.
 Him posing in front of an old rusted min cart
 His friend Jared...goofing off...
 The found a lot of these types of rocks.....Dog tooth, I am told they are calcium deposits
 Here is a layer of clay, it looks hard but it is just puddy. Trav said it was fun to play in.
 At one point they had to drop a short distance....Trav was scared, only a little (he is afraid of heights)
 Here is a small insert with little tiny dog tooth rocks, I like these better than the big ones.
 Then at one point Jared found a hole in the ceiling and wanted some rocks in there and so piled old tables on rocks to get to it, apparently VERY unsafe!
Do you think his wife would be happy to see him like this???

He was planning on going this weekend but unfortunately it has snowed and so he can't get to the mine, he is VERY bummed!!

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