Saturday, November 13, 2010


It seems that my to do list is NEVER ending. As soon as I get close to something done, I start something else.

One thing that started has gotten finished!! I was called to be in the Relief Society Presidency (a woman's organization in our church) and with that comes a whole LOT of new responsibilities! I could list them all but why? At our last meeting we had we realized we had TONS of new babies being born in our ward (area). Two have been born so far and I think we still have 3 more before the end of the year. My mom had given me some of her baby fabric that she had bought over the years and already cut into I volunteered to make a blanket because I already had stuff. I had thought it was flannel and was just going to sew two layers of flannel together. I get to my stash and find that it was cotton! Oh well, so I made 2 boy baby quilts. I used all scraps including batting that I have left over. I started a pink girl's quilt but didn't finish it in time this morning to deliver them to the new Mommy's in the ward but we just saw 2 baby boys so we were good!
 This was the first turned out so pretty! No names for the quilts though...maybe Baby Boy quilt #1....(lets see just how many I end up making while I am doing this calling!)
 You can't see it well from this picture but I did just a simple stippling for the quilting, and for the patchwork it's just two different squares.
 The back I used some green flannel I had. It made for a nice and soft back.
 Then I found some blue and yellow squares....Some of the yellow squares are flannel.
 I used flannel for the back and binding. Amazing what you can find in your stashes! I did end up using a bit thicker batting for this quilt though, so it seemed a lot bigger.
 Couldn't resist showing the pretty leaves in the background

I know these quilts will be well loved and used! I didn't think to measure them but I think they are roughly 35.5"x35.5". I used 100-4" squares.


Sara said...

They look very soft and snuggly indeed---love using the stash too, gives you an extra good feeling inside doesn't it?!

Lopez Life said...

I want one! :)WE already talked about it though. :)

S and RA Beazer said...

Congrats on the new calling. what cute quilts.