Friday, November 26, 2010

Visiting Family

I am very excited this Thanksgiving Holiday to visit my family in Colorado. Travis stayed home in order to get some work in and I took the kids for the holiday. So far we are having a very fun time and enjoying ourselves. The boys are having so much fun with their cousins! More pictures will come later but I did want to share this.

Yesterday we took a few pictures and I sent them to Travis so he could see us and what we have been up to. He then sent out an email to his family with some pictures of Kimball. I wanted to share his email that he sent out, mostly because I thought it was cute and wanted to remember it.

Crystal sent home some pics of the trip to Colorado and while all the boys were adorable Kimbal had a series of poses that really made me laugh.

Here is Kimball plotting to take over the known universe.
Here is Kimball putting his plan in motion by trying to eat everyone
And here is the confusion of a plan that just does not work the way expected.

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