Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Part 2

If Halloween falls on a Sunday, in our house we celebrate it on Saturday. We just like to keep our Sabbath Day's as sacred as we can. So our church had a Halloween Party that Saturday.

It started out with the Young Women in our ward dancing to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller". Micheal was before my time, but I thought that these girls did great.

 There was then hot dogs and side dishes for dinner and then the kiddos went and played games all around the gym.
 Kimball had fun playing different games but wasn't into it as much as his brothers.

 Brandon and Nathan are old enough now and well behaved enough that I let them go and do their thing and I would go and check up on them.
 I found Nathan doing a cake walk... (More bad pictures!!! :( Grrr)

 Then Brandon did the cake walk....
 Kimball after awhile again took off his costume and was running around. I was able to nab him and get a quick picture with him!
 Kimball liked a toy spider he got and he played with Daddy for some time pretending that the spider was on his head.
 They had a story teller. Kimball had fun at first but didn't last the whole time.

 I found Nathan again playing the fishing game. Believe it or not he is posing! He knows I take pictures and so he wants me to take a picture of him in EVERY step! Such a cutie, too bad that most of the time I can tell he is posing, maybe 20 years down the road I will forget!

 After the party we came home and got ready to go trick-r-treating. I was dressed up as a fairy type person. I decided at the las minute to do it.
What cute boys! In this picture I can kinda go back and see them as they were younger....meaning they look younger in this picture to me.

We then went to go door to door, but unfortunately the boys didn't behave so we had to go home, but when we did it started raining so it ended up okay. We didn't have any trick or treaters either. Darn rain! Oh well, all in all a good Halloween.


The Andrew's said...

How fun! That looks like such a fun church Halloween Party! I love the costumes! You did such an awesome job! I love all the pics too!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, look how fun this post is!! I love all the photos and I think that it's awesome that you celebrate on Saturday too, that's what we do :).