Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving (Warning a lot of pictures)

I can't remember when the last time I was home and had Thanksgiving dinner here (Colorado). When I was young we would go down to Denver and have two Thanksgiving dinners, one at Grandma Lois's (My dad's mom) and then one at Grandma Rita's (My mom's mom). Now that we are older we don't do too much with the extended families but have started our own family tradition. So it was just my siblings. It was really nice, I didn't realize how big we have gotten! We barely fit around the table and have room for the kiddos.
 We made 4 pumpkin pies, 2 pecan pies, a pumpkin desert (family recipe) and my sister-in-law brought 2 more pies
 We made 6 batches of my Great Grandma Olive's roll recipe. I made my mom make a lot because I wanted to eat them with the left over turkey for the rest of the week.....
 I think we had enough rolls....too bad we ran out of turkey, and then we made a ham, and ran out of that too!! We still have about 3 bags of rolls let!
 We had tons of stuffing and 2 pans of my Grandma Lois's green bean casserole
We had a HUGE pot of mashed potatoes....we still have some of this left
 Kimball liked helping Grandma make the rolls....
Or maybe he just wanted candy
 My mom has this little kid rocking chair, it was funny to watch him rock in it (this picture doesn't show it well)
 We were trying to get a picture of us sisters with my mom but then the kids thought that they needed to be in it! Silly kids!
 My sister Jenni and her husband Chris, he made a lot of the dinner, it was really good
 Me and my sister (for those that are curious she is 2 years older than me)
 Here is the newest addition to the family, Riley. She is my youngest brother's (Joe) daughter. She is 2 months old.
 We had all the kids sitting in the living room while the grown ups sat that the dinning room table

 We didn't have quite enough tables and chairs, but it was okay the kids liked it
 There was SO much food! Makes you feel very grateful that you have fill up your table with food
 Here is Amber (Joe's wife) sitting next to my dad

 This is my niece Morgan, she is my twin brother's step daughter.
 Riley usually likes to look up at the ceiling to look at the lights a lot, and so I was pretty amazed that she was looking at me in this picture
 This is Wyatt (Jeff's youngest son)
 We did attempt to take a family picture, unfortunately Trav wasn't able to make the trip. SOMEHOW we are suppose to photoshop him in
 Jenni, Catie, Me, Joe, and Jeff
 And then here are all the grand babies! It will soon be out of date, as my sister Jenni is expecting another girl in March.

It was a nice evening and I was glad I could spend time with my family.


Lopez Life said...

Hey, your newest niece is named PEYTON, not RILEY! LOL

The Picketts said...

I was going to say..."Am I losing my mind?! I SWEAR that's not her name." LOL I seriously thought I was losing it! (Although, Riley is a cute name too!)

Looks like you had so much fun!

Amy said...

Looks like it was a full house, I loved the picture overload, so fun to see everyone. And... I would LOVE that roll recipe, can you email it to me? Happy Thanksgiving!