Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Part 1

I have been such a slacker lately when it comes to my blog! I have good intentions and I am always thinking of things to add but never get it on here! Proof of that is my Halloween pictures!! Not too much time has passed but it is time to start thinking of Thanksgiving.

Here is one part of our Halloween Celebration (or if you ask Brandon and Nathan, the Day of the Dead Celebration)

We always head down to Springville and go to Grandma and Grandpa's Trunk-r-Treat.
 Here is Grandpa staking out his spot. Can you guess what he went as?
 Nathan and Kimball were anxious to start going around. I don't think it was necessarily to get candy but to just run around.

 Nathan wanted to help Grandpa hand out candy but......
 he mostly confused people so we left it up to Grandpa

 So he took off with Brandon and started running around the parking lot. Poor Kimball was trailing behind but he wanted to do what his brothers were doing.
 I didn't realize until I uploaded my pictures that they weren't all as clear as I had thought!! I just haven't gotten used to my new camera yet!
 For some reason Kimball didn't want his costume on, so to tease him Daddy put it on. I think it looks rather good.
 Kimball was content to sit on Grandma's lap and eat candy
 Grandpa had fun with his light, in fact it was a good thing he had it because it was pretty dark.
 Me and Trav....I will not confirm or deny that I had candy in my mouth!
 Brandon found a quiet and secluded area to eat his candy and his chili.
 Him and Mommy....everyone LOVED his costume.
 Nathan soon joined Brandon and ate too. He had a better time than at school with his head. We put a stick in it but apparently after a few hours it starts to lean....or the dinosaur was just tired.

My two little boys! They had fun that night! It was so nice on the way home around 9pm everyone was asleep in the van! We just carried them all in and took off their costumes and they were in bed!!

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Lopez Life said...

Their costumes all look soooooo good!!!