Sunday, October 17, 2010

Astor Manor Trails Finished

I started making this quilt back in February. And I had it quilted for about a month or two, and then FINALLY finished the binding last week.
 I originally got this pattern from just looking at different places. I saw this and thought I might be able to reproduce it rather easily. It was easy to do. I used 5" squares and then the jelly roll strips to go around the blocks. I ended up with a 12.5" square.
 This blanket will go on my couch. I have a bunch of different Astor Manor projects around the house. I just love this line and it's colors!
 Trav was a good sport and he was my quilt holder! Right here his arms were tired or he could be yelling at a kid, not sure.
 For the back I wanted to use some Astor Manor line, but didn't have the money so I had some nice tan colored sheet that I used. It worked perfectly!
 This shows the overall design of the quilting. I used a corigated brown thread. I love it! Too bad it costs $11 a spool.
 I was going to try and do a different quilting technique. But then the way I decided to quilt wasn't going to quilt nicely so I left some hearts and then went with the loopy loop.
I am really loving this color! My mom has already asked me to make her this quilt, she bought some Astor Manor to make it, but I confiscated it for other we will do another line!


Dana said...

I admire all the sewing you do. I took a sewing class in both 7th and 8th grade. I had my own sewing machine and made lots of things to complete my assignments. I AM NOT confident in my ability. Nothing turns out how I'd like it to. I wish I had the confidence to make all the beautiful things you do!

Your very jealous cousin! :)

Cecily said...

Very pretty! Love the quilting!