Friday, June 10, 2011

1,000 Cranes

Last month was the boy's last weeks of school. I must say that I am really liking this Charter school, mostly that they can handle Brandon and he isn't expelled for hitting someone (those of you with kids with autism or know kids with understand!).

The boys were able to participate in their very first play! I believe it was called 1,000 Cranes. It's about a girl who has cancer from the U-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. It was a little dark...(they talk about death in a round about way) and I thought that it was a little too heavy for 1st - 8th graders. None the less my boys did great!

 They were both different types of Spirit ninjas. It was perfect because they had little to do with the play but was able to participate.
 Nathan was really nerous so we ended up putting his vest on and he wore it during the whole show.
 Brandon wasn't I think all there, he was in his own little world half the time and then the other half just watching everyone else.
 Kimball spent most of the hour playing with his trains. I came VERY prepared with toys, treats and an Ipod.
 He was very content and happy to play with his trans!
 Here is Brandon, and this is pretty much what he did. He didn't sing, he didn't do much but stand and watch (notice how the other kids are all sitting down? )
Nathan's ninjas did this wind/water thing where they ran in circles around some people. It was cute, but after awhile he was getting bored with it and so had more fun putting it over his head!

I am very proud of my little kiddos! I am glad that they were able to participate and have the experience. Whether this is something that they would enjoy to do when they get older, who knows.


~Niki~ said...

how sweet~love those pics. My Joe who is now 10 has high functioning autism, such a pip. Although he is so passive, in his own world almost. Is not aggressive at all~I got blessed there. hugs to you! autism is so hard. and everyone does not understand. they think it's in my head. WHAT?

Laci said...

How fun. That is a children's chapter book called 1,000 Paper Cranes... Loved the book!! :)