Friday, June 24, 2011


Summer  is always a busy time! I am beginning to think that my life will never slow down and I won't ever have any "slow" time!

Last week me and the boys went to San Diego with my Mom, Dad and Sister and her family. Boy did we take a lot of pictures!! My wonderful sister is doing editing on them and making them really pretty for me, so next week I will start showing tons of pictures of us and our fun trip.

Here is a little taste..

Now that I am home, I am working on some quilts - trying to get caught up on different WIP, cleaning, and trying to keep my WILD boys entertained. It is a never ending job! 

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Kayla said...

Your trip on Facebook looked like so much fun! I think I am officially addicted to sewing! Thanks for all your help! I got my blocks and I am doing a crazy four block pattern. With 6 patterns! So cute! I am already jonzing to do more blankets! :) Thanks for the help!