Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleep Over

After school was out, we went over to Grandma Walker's house to have a sleepover with our cousins. They were moving back to Vegas, so we wanted to spend some extra time with them.

We had fun playing, swimming in the hot tub and watching movies. We then went to the new Kung-fu Panda movie and Ikea the next day. We had lots of fun.

 I was so thrilled that Kimball went to sit on Aunt April's lap! My boys have always kept to themselves and hardly EVER go to anyone else besides Trav and me. It's been hard for Aunt, Uncles and Grandparents to get to know them more, but I think we are slowly getting where the boys are more social.

We then of course had to play in Grandma and Grandpa's hot tub! Always a special treat for them.

 Nathan isn't throwing a fit, he is being a dinosaur! I really need to video tape him when he does it, very cute.

 I love this picture, it looks like Sierra might be drowning, but she is floating!! She was showing the boys how she can hold her breath under water and float!
We had a fun time! We are hoping this summer for the boys to each have a special night at Grandma Walkers house. Have some nice one on one time. They will LOVE it!

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S and RA Beazer said...

You are right, we don't get to know your boys very well, but then I think that's because you live too far away. You must come visit more.