Saturday, June 25, 2011

Special Quilt for a Special Person

During the last week of school I was busy quilting - okay so no surprise, I do that all the time!

I was working on a quilt that I first started way back in September of 2009, here is my post on it.

I was planning on using it for other people but never got it done, so a week before school was out, I decided to grab the quilt top and finish it for Brandon's teacher. "Boxxy" or Miss Box. She has been a life saver for Brandon this year and has helped him so much with transitioning to a new school to helping him handle new social situations. She is also the first person that he has given a nick name for! He told me that he combined "mommy" and box" because she reminded him of me (I think just a motherly feel) and came up with "Boxxy"! I didn't know he spelled it with 2 x's until I already did the label. Oh well.

It's not my best work, but my sewing machine broke and I was forced to use a much smaller and well...crappier sewing machine. (I really need to get mine fixed!!) But I think she likes it.

 Brandon snuggling in her blanket! I ended up using lots of scrap batting for it, and had to double in areas, so it is a rather thick quilt.
 The wonderful Boxxy!! She might be back next year, but not sure. We will miss her terribly though.
 Here are the boys on the last day of school. We bought t-shirts that everyone wore for the last day to have people sign.

Another school year ended - I will now have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader and a preschooler next year! My babies are getting so big!!

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