Thursday, June 9, 2011


A few Saturdays ago, Travis was searching through our storage areas for some jack stands to help him while he fixed his truck (long story short, it's still broken), but while looking through tubs of "junk" I found a tent from IKEA that Grandma Walker got the boys.
 They were so cute! Out came pillows and blankets! It's the perfect size so that all three could fit in it!
 Then they gathered rocks to make a "fire pit" and their camp chairs! I thought they were so cute!
 They kept bringing out food (toast with my homemade jam!) to pretend to cook over the fire.
 I love Brandon in this! Folding his legs and just looking at ease....well like you do while camping!
Hopefully this summer we can get in more camping. My Mom was kind enough to give us her old pop-up tent trailer. It needs some things fixed, but over all a VERY nice gift! It should make camping a lot easier for us. Now we just need to get the truck fixed so we can go camping soon!