Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quail Run Art Festival

Do you ever feel like schools try to cram everything in at the last minute?? I do! The last week in May I believe we had 2 performances! One was the 1,000 Crane play and then the School Art Festival. We HAD to go to the Festival because it was a finishing grade for the boys.

The school had performances of the different music groups, then the whole school sang some songs and then there was dancing by each of the grades.
 Being an hour after school the boy's medication had since worn off! So in the very beginning they had a hard time holding still....
 I felt so sorry for the kids around Brandon, they were showing patience but in the end I had him move by me.
 He was still able to sit with his class and by me. All the staffing was glad to see me so they didn't have to deal with him! I don't blame him, when he doesn't have medicine in his system it's like he is a two year old that can't sit still!
 Nathan sat by me too, he calmed down a lot with me too. I filmed each of them dancing with their classes, but the videos aren't working properly! They were so cute and did a GREAT job! Usually when they get in front of a huge crowd of people, they freak out by wiggling and jumping and being loud. This time they got in their places and performed! They did AWESOME!

 Then up in the Library they had art work by everyone that they had worked on sometime during the year. Brandon had some dinosaurs...his is the white skull. It took us forever to finally figure out what he was pointing at!

Nathan made this paper sculpture of a dinosaur, but during the moving of art work it was lost! We searched the room SEVERAL times but couldn't find it! We were able to divert the tantrum by having him make one when he got home (he thence forgot!).
This is the whole of the 2nd grade's work! Nathan loved it so much that he asked the Science teacher if he could have it when they were done with it. She was kind and said I have 8 ten feet rolls of paper filled with dinosaurs! Lets see how long that will last eh?

I don't know if you could tell or not...but my boys like dinosaurs!

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~Niki~ said...

yes, our school is no different. running around getting everything done, and the teachers and staff EXPECT the parents to be at every event. Not for me. For the 2 older kids I did ALL of that. My 2 youngest, I do hardly anything. I'm bad LOL. I guess I'm burned out. I don't have that 'parent' guilt any more with the schools. Same feelings. I feel for ya~ Parents need their summers off too from all this LOL. Hey, I was talking to another mom yesterday and she asked if I've ever taken Joe to social skills groups. I never heard of this~seirously he is 10 and I just am hearing this? LOL. no one ever mentioned this to me. i'm looking into FREE groups . we'll see what comes up/` we are in AZ, so who knows~hugs!