Sunday, May 2, 2010

April's completed List

I started out the month with a to do list, and I actually finished it and the best part of all, it actually helped me! So let's see what I have....

1. Neighborhood quilt class blocks #1

2. Pretty in Pink Bee block

3. Round Robin block

4. 1 year, 12 quilt bee block March

5. 1 year, 12 quilt bee block April

6. Moda project

7. Sandie's quilt

8. Rosie's quilt

9. Sandie's pillow

10. Rosie's pillow

11. 20 string quilt blocks

12. All April's pinwheel quilt along

13. Teacher Appreciation Door Hanging
Wahoo!! I think I deserve a treat....hmmm what should I have?


Anonymous said...

You should reward yourself with fabric

S and RA Beazer said...

This is quite an accomplishment. Someday I hope a beautiful quilt for Travis' crazy but favorite Idaho Aunt makes it on the list, because you do such great work. I am so proud of you. Keep it up.

Landon and Kayla said...

You should Treat yourself to a spa day! That is ALOT on a list to accomplish! Good Job Crystal! You are Amazing!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

I think you may deserve more than just "a treat" Way to go that is one HUGE list of accomplishments!