Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been full of fun and hard work! Once a year we head up to Rigby, Idaho and do some yard work for Travis's Grandma. We usually get 1, sometimes 2 full days of hard work. With 6+ people you can get quite a bit done.
This is the field right next to the house. They bred Llamas! They had a little baby llama and it was SO cute!
Here is a little station that Travis's Grandpa built. In the Beazer family it is a given that trains are in your blood. Travis's Great Grandpa built this for an amusement park in Idaho Falls ages ago but ended up moving it back to their house. So it has now been in the family for 3 generations. We (Uncle Syd) always make sure that it is taken care of and the tracks are clear so that we can always have a ride. Local scouts, schools and church groups are always asking for rides.
Aunt Rosie taking a train ride during lunch.
Nathan and Kimball waiting for the train to go, every time someone said train, they would  RUN and get on the train.
Travis and Me posing
Some getting in some last bit of work before lunch
We finally get sat down and had a VERY good lunch.
After lunch we head out the "forest" (a piece of land that has a cabin built 40 years ago by Travis's Grandpa). It is in desperate need of a new roof.
It has 3 levels inside and has a nice stove in the middle. The boy scouts in the area use this cabin for their winter camp outs.
There is a swing there that is one of the highlights of the area. Here is Aunt Ruth Ann pushing Nathan.
Here is Brandon having fun on it to.
Here is the group of us getting the panels drilled and ready to go up.
Before we got rid of the tin roof we had to get into the last bit of running up the roof in. The older "boys" had a little contest to see who could go the highest (I didn't get any pictures of them) but afterwards the little boys had to try. I was told this is a family tradition! Too bad it has to end.
Here is a group "supervising" the work party. Grandma was there to make sure it was getting done.
Brandon found the tin top to the chimney and put it on his head and started to run into guess
But after awhile it's just not as fun so he got out his new kite and took it for a spin. Too bad it wasn't a little more windy.
Nathan got to help out by measuring, he went around and measured everything he could get his hands on.

We were able to get most of the roof done, we ran out of the roofing. It looks very pretty now and will keep the scouts VERY warm during the winter.

Kimball even got into the spirit and helped gather firewood
For dinner we had a weeny roast over the trimmings we got from the bushes and trees.
Grandpa Walker and Riley waiting for their dinner. They were so cute together. Grandpa who is over 6 feet holding Riley's hand who is under 3 feet!
The boys had fun, although their food was covered in ashes.
We finished our meal off with some smores and then off to bed. Some ended up watching a movie and other playing wii before bed. I personally fell asleep on the couch watching Travis play wii with his cousin.
(next generation of train conductors)
But before we could turn in and call it a night we had to get one more ride on the train.

With sore muscles, sun burns, and tired kids we all head home. Even though we do end up with sore muscles, sun burns and tired kids we will keep doing this service for our Grandma Beazer for years to come. Nothing feels as good as a nice service project with your family.

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