Sunday, May 2, 2010


Friday I spent runnying around and attending my Brother in law's graduation from college. He majored in biology and is hping to attend medical school this fall. We had a fun time with family and being with each other. But if you can believe it I didn't get a picture of the graduate!! But I should soon be having an updated picture of the family soon.
We got there early to save seats and Sierra thought Uncle Travis needed some lipstick.

Trav was a good sport and allowed his neice to color him!

Kimball had a problem with Daddy give his attention to other children and not him, so he claimed his lap early on.
Here is Sierra showing off her new make up Aunt Rosie got her

Sierra, Travis, April, John and Jacque

Rose, Derek, Dave, Brittney and Tyler

We had quite a bit of room on the floor between rows so the kids were able to play easily

We were lucky to only have Kimball since Brandon and Nathan were in school

Later that night we had dinner. While waiting we played some basketball, well more like dodged the kids and shoot

Mommy and Kimball

Brandon and Aunt Rosie

Kimball and Brittney. Kimball would scoot closer and Brittney would scoot further way. It was cute to watch

Travis said he "tripped" while saving the tables from the basketball and hurt his already sore knee. After showing him this picture he claims that it is a "bad" picture and it looked a lot worse. (His knee is doing better but still swolen. We are planning on keeping it up for the rest of the weekend)

April and Travis

Kimball, Grandma Walker and Grandpa Walker

Kimball seemed to have more cake ON him than in his mouth

Then while cleaning up, Grandpa kept the kids (and most of the adults) busy swinging them around. He only did Brittney and Kimball, but he got a GOOD workout in!

We ended the evening checking out Rose and Derek's new home. Congradulations to them for owning their first home!

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