Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nathan's Obession

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With autistic children they often create obsessions, or as the book (a large medical book) explains it, repetitive behavior. Nathan's obsession is rocks. He LOVES rocks. He started collecting them outside and made a "rock home" for them. Then when he got a little bag of pretty rocks last week, Travis mentioned it to a friend at work. Turns out Travis's friend, Jared LOVES rocks too! He got so excited to share is rocks that he went home and got Nathan some rocks that Travis could take home. So this morning we had a little treat to give Nathan, and let me tell you...he has done nothing but look at his rocks since! Do I see a geologist in the future for Nathan? Who knows!

Right now this one is Nathan's favorite because it is the biggest

Nathan's new collection, or shall we say his collection is growing

This is Daddy's favorite...it has it's own caves inside

This is Nathan's second favorite, it is call his "popcorn rock"

We then got the flashlight out so we could shine the light on the rocks so that they would sparkle.That was a BIG hit.

Overall we have one happy little boy!! Kimball has been following him around all morning trying to see his rocks too! Nathan has even asked Dad to make him a shelve in his room so he can put all of his rocks on it. Thanks  Jared!!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Nice collection, and what a sweet guy for sharing with your son :)

Landon and Kayla said...

That is serioulsy cool! I Love his face in all the pics!

Sara said...

Jared rocks! lol Look at that great smile he put on your sons face. That's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has Asperger's and loves rocks too. At one time our whole front porch was covered in rocks. you have an amazing friend.

Poppyprint said...

Go with the rocks! There's nothing more interesting than crystals grown in nature. Nathan's popcorn rock is likely calcite. I bet he'd love to learn the names of all his rocks/crystals...do you know someone who can help with that? There are inexpensive rock and mineral identification books that he might really like. I loved rocks too, so I got a degree in geology! If you have a university nearby with geo program, they often have displays in the building for public to check out. Have fun!

Sally said...

I like the popcorn rock too. How cool is that?

Domilee said...

That is a great collection. The joy on his face is awesome.

Diane said...

He was so excited to show us! He is so cute!