Monday, May 10, 2010

Never Cross a Boy and His.....

Once there was a boy named Kimball who LOVED popcorn....

"Wow it was nice of Mom to take me here to eat popcorn for lunch. Man this is good."
"Wait, what is this?? Someone taking MY POPCORN?"
"Give that BACK! That is MY popcorn"
"No Kimball, you need to SHARE, this is MY popcorn too!"
"No it's not! That is MY POPCORN!"
"Okay, but let me just get a few" 
"THIS IS MY POPCORN!! I wonder how much I can eat before someone else can take it again."
"Ahh...this is the good stuff."

Never cross a boy and his popcorn, expecially if his name is Kimball!

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Landon and Kayla said...

That is adorable! LOL I love all the pics!