Friday, September 30, 2011

Cub Scout Fun

Brandon was so excited when he started cub scouts. He had a few problems with participating in all of the activites, well the ones that involve being in a group. I understand his reserves and his dislike for it, but we made it VERY clear from the beginning that if he was going to be in scouts he had to participate in EVERYTHING. Even though he may not like all of it, he still had to do it.

I am proud to say he has improved so much! I am very proud of him and all of his hard work!
 One thing that he HATES to do and has a hard time with is skits and performing in front of people.
 His Den Mothers are so wonderful and understand his reserves so for their skit that they did, he got to take his scooter, and be the "Scooter Boy". He did so great!
 Even when he had bumped into people and things he handled it well. He normally would have gotten really upset because he didn't do it right. But he just went along with it.
Here is his little Den Pack...a good set of boys!
 Brandon received two belt loops, one for archery and bee bee gun shooting. He was asked if he wanted to say anything, and he said "Ummm no". So cute!
Grandma Walker was able to come watch and support Brandon. We are VERY lucky to have family members so close to come to these events like this.
They then got to play a game with a new Den (they are combining two Dens). Brandon did very well working with basically complete stranger. They had a game with cooperation and with helpful inputs from me and Grandma he got it down.

We are working hard with his scouting and hopefully by January we will have it all done! I also want to really try and get Brandon to do as many extras that he can. I think once he realizes how fun scouting can be, he will LOVE it all and want to do it on his own.

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