Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day tradition...

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I realized that I have never posted about Travis's father's day present.
 We have a family tradition that every year we make a Daddy's shirt.
 This one is a little bit of a teaser for Trav...ever since we started dating we had a rivalry between our two favorite football teams....The (better team) Denver Broncos and (lesser team) Oakland Raiders. So basically Trav HATES any blue and orange combo....
I found this polo on sale and just had my crazy idea of the blue on it. He was concerned at first when he saw his shirt, and didn't know if he could actually "wear" it. But he has and even though the colors are not his favorite, he likes it!

Also notice my little goof up on the back?? I tried to peel it off...but decided to bag it. I think it adds character!

Travis also turned 35 years old yesterday! Happy Birthday to my dear Man!!!

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