Friday, September 23, 2011

First Field Trip

Kimball had his first official field trip the second week of school. We accompanied me MANY times over the years for Brandon and Nathans field trips, so this was his official first field trip!
 We went to a local pet shop. It was fun to look around, Kimball loved the fishes! (Just like his Daddy). The lizard he is looking at was so silly, he kept trying to get out and standing up. Then for HIPPA reasons I can't show the kid's faces in Kimball's class....something about privacy or something!
 Then afterwards we did a few errands and then stopped by Menchie's. It is a new frozen yogurt place by our house. It is self served and let me just say...AWESOME! You get to make your own, so you choose how much you want and what you want to add! Mine is the top right while Kimball's is the bottom left...they were so good even Kimball's dinosaur wanted to eat some!
 He is getting so big so fast! We also got these cool spoons. They are a hard plastic so you can use them again and again!
They had a chalk board on a wall so Kimball took time to play. He did a lot of scribbiling until I drew my awesome dinosaur (top right). He then made a T-Rex..all of the squiggles coming out is the meat that he is eating....that's what he said anyway.

I completely recommend Menchie's to anyone...find out if they have one in your area! Reasonably priced, lots of flavors and good!

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