Friday, September 16, 2011

Springville Quilt Show

A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Springville, UT Quilt show. I was going to enter a quilt of mine, but I didn't make it in time! Darn it! Next year.

There were tons of beautiful quilts, but not many that were my taste....but here are some that I thought deserved mentioning....
 This was a small beautiful quilt, although my camera didn't do a great job, in fact all my pictures are VERY lacking, but money to buy a better camera...but I am VERY tempted to save for a new one!

I love this, each block was about 2"! She used scraps from friends from all over. She also hand quilted, very pretty!
 I noticed a very popular theme, quilt art. Also stitching art. These were so pretty! I loved them and I think one of these will be in my future! I want to try one, just once. If you can do a close up on it, do it, you will see all the different fabric! The one of the temple, each tree had about 10+ pieces of fabric on it.
 I really liked this yin-yang look of this quilt. I also liked the colors. I think it would be awesome to make a more prominent pink and brown one. Does anyone know what this block is??
 Loved this quilt, it was probably a queen size with all of these different blocks, all scrap. I loved the cool colors! Right up my isle! Although how would one make this? Just make different size Dresden blocks? The middle is a yo-yo. Does anyone know what this block is??
 These are some cute one...the top left was made to put in her children's room. So cute! I think it would be awesome to do a quilt along and do each different block! Then the cats for my aunt who just loves them! Then the top right, I have a goal to make one of these one of these days, definitely need to get better first. Then the bottom right is from V&Co! Love the different pink in it!
 The top left was made in a quilt guild, each took a letter of the alphabet and made something featuring it, and had to use 3 different types of stitching, IE applique, patchwork and something else. I really liked this one. The then the bottom left, it was a large quilt, but this one block was all.LOVED it! I definitely want to make one some day. So pretty to just feature some colors. The top right used just two different leave pedals, it is so pretty! The the bottom right, thought it was an AWESOME modern quilt, and a GREAT idea to do in a modern quilt guild meeting.
Then every year there is Halloween quilts. These were the two different ones. I love the different blocks and jut the variety that it shows! Awesome quilts!

Next year I definitely want to enter at least one of my quilts, if not two....any suggestions???


Luv 2 Kreate said...

I really like that yin-yang quilt too. If you figure out what pattern it is please share!

Tiffany said...

I went the Springville Quilt show as well, Crystal. I agree with you that not many of the quilts were my taste. I'm actually glad you said that because I was beginning to feel a little bit bad that I don't really do applique or art quilts. At least, not yet.
I LOVED that playroom quilt and I would totally do a quilt-along with it! I also really liked some of the art quilts, including that temple one and the Joseph Smith one. Some people can really make amazing things!

Lopez Life said...

I like quilt art!