Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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A couple of weeks ago, we tried to go as a family to a mine (Trav has been promising the boys all summer). It started out GREAT!
 We had to run a few errands around town- but the boys and I took it well...we were just excited to experience what Daddy is always telling us about.

 I would have to say that the boys were a little bit WILD waiting to get there...

 Then we get halfway up the mountain and what happens....the transmission went out of Trav's bronco! Thankfully we were able to roll most of the way down the mountain....with only a few times where we had to get out and push....I ended up pushing it mostly since Trav was still battleing a head cold. (But it was okay....felt good to get a good leg workout in!)
 Then as we were waiting - calling to get help from family and friends- the boys got out and played on a nice dirt hill....

 Trav was really calm during the whole thing - didn't get down- which was good because I had to have some "moments" alone. (Okay so I had a small pity party)
 Man I love this guy - I will gladly take all the bad that goes along with the good just to be with him!
 Brandon did have some moments where he was getting mad - it was a hard thing for him to handle...I mean we had a BIG change!
 Nathan and Kimball didn't loose any time trying to find ANY rocks....

 We walked around alittle in the town of Stockton....until our rescuers came.
A nice little momument for Stockton (monument, or I don't know)...it is a mining town and I really liked how they reconized all the hard working miners who started this town and worked in the mines.

We didn't have to wait too long, expecially since the closest person was only an hour away. Trav' sister Rose and her husband, Derek came and picked us up. Too bad we had to break down to have some nice chat time with them!

If I would have had a straight head on - I would have taken a picture of us where we lost our transmission, us pushing the truck and then Rose and Derek coming rescuing us! But oh well....we have memories!! Now the hard part is saving the two grand to fix the bronco....Trav thinks it's worth fixing!


Kayla said...

OH man! That is not fun at all....especially about being excited to go do what Travis is always doing!

At least the boys still got to play! I hate when trucks just die on you!!! LOL

Luv 2 Kreate said...

I always enjoy reading about your family adventures! I would say pushing a truck is more than just a "little" leg work out!