Friday, September 2, 2011

NFL Square Swap

Does anyone know someone that LOVES football? Know someone that is COUNTING down the days until the season starts? Well I enjoy football, I wouldn't say I am a fanatic or anything, but I enjoy watching a few games. 
I was thinking that it would be awesome to have a NFL quilt that showed all of the different teams. I had an idea of a quilt that looked similar to this....

I was thinking then with the back, I would take fleece or flannel of my husband's and I's favorite teams and put it on the back, that way we have one side that is showing our team spirit, and the front showing the whole NFL. In our case the back would be half Oakland Raiders and half Denver Broncos.

Since you only need about 2 blocks of the same fabric, it made sense to me to have a swap! 
After a little research....(yes I had to do some research) there are 32 teams in the NFL.....

1. I need at least 31 people to join in order to have at least 32 different blocks (1 for each team or we could double this so everyone can have a least 2  from each team) 
2. We can have 63 people join and we can assign 2 people to each team 

Everything depends on how many people are interested in joining. Also I don't mind if someone takes more than one slot...each slot will count as 1 person, so if you choice to sign up more than once that is fine, you will get double.
So if this is something that you are interested in please please pass the word along! I need everyone's help in spreading the word to make this a success!!

I am trying to do this swap and have time to get a quilt made for a Christmas present. So I think in order to have enough time to order fabrics (online if need be) we need to have this sign up end by Sept. 10th. Hopefully we will be full by then, but that date will decide if we can continue with the swap.

So if you would like to join, please comment below, and please only those SERIOUS and willing to CARRY OUT this swap sign up. 

Thanks everyone, and don't forget to spread the word!

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martilindsey said...

If you're doing a swap, I would like to do the SD Chargers.

Marti in San Diego