Thursday, February 19, 2009


This past weekend we went to Tooele for Travis's brother. We had a special event that gathered all of the family together. Saturday night we all ended up in the same hotel. All of the children were so excited. Travis's sister April was up from Vegas visiting and she had her two little girls there, Sierra and Brittney. Brandon and Nathan just love them and are always excited to know that they will be there. We were all able to get rooms next to each other and that created the need for the kids to "apartment hop". When we first arrived Brandon was so excited and started calling our room, our apartment, so it has stuck with me. We were on an end, and then next to us was Grandma and Grandpa Walker with April and her girls, and then next to them staying together was Wayne, Melissa, Derrek and Rose. Later that we found out that Grandpa and Grandma Hendrix were staying in the same hotel as well.

Shortly after we arrived and the children had found where all the beds were, tested them in their ability to keep us warm, bounciness and snuggle capacity. After that we decided the best thing to do was to go swimming. So we all got geared up to get into the pool. The kids had fun but an hour later we all got hungry. So we all got dressed again (threw our wet cloths in the tub) and went to Carl's Jr for some dinner. Our plan was to let the children run so they would be extra tired that night. John and Jacque and their two kids (Carson and Riley) joined us for dinner. After eating and deciding that if we still wanted to swim longer we needed to go, we left and went back to the Hotel to swim. Now our rooms were outside the main lobby area where the pool was located. We are in Tooele where is still rather cold outside really cold....snow on the ground cold. Now picture that and us putting on our wet swim suits and running to the lobby to hop into the water. It was quite funny.

In the pool that night all of us got into the water (except April, she didn't "want" to swim). I couldn't believe how much Brandon liked the water. He was jumping and splashing and dunking. Just scaring me, because I KNOW he cannot swim. (Guess what we will be doing this summer). After about an hour of swimming we decided it was bed time and got out of the pool. It is amazing how fast you can run when you are dripping wet!

So after the kids are in bed, Brandon, Nathan and Kimball went to sleep rather well. Travis and I were very excited and splurged on watching some extra TV. (We don't have cable at home). This was a bad mistake because 2 hours later Nathan woke up coughing. He ended up coughing all night. It got to the point where Travis had to go to Walmart to get some medicine to help his cough. So around 2am, Travis gets Nathan in bed, and 2 hours later Kimball wakes up and is ready to start his day! So needless to say we didn't sleep well.

That morning we all got dressed and went to church with John and his family. Now for us church isn't always that fun. Try to make two boys with autism and ADHD sit still for over an hour? Not the easiest thing in the world to do. But they did manage with only a few moments of crying and shouting. Kimball was in heaven because he got to sit on Grandma Walker's lap the whole time. But during church Nathan and Kimball fell asleep to make up for last night. I was quite jealous and wished I could curl up and go to sleep too.
After church we went to John and Jacque's house for some lunch. The boys had a blast playing with all of the cousins but were ready to go home. They had had enough change for one day.

It was a fun two days to spend with family members. I always love it when we all get together and talk and chat. We were even able to start planning a few more times for us all to get together again.

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