Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day Parties

I was looking through my blog and I realized that I had forgotten to post about the busy Friday the 13th. Since Valentine's day is on a Saturday this year, all the school celebrated it on Friday. I was able to go to both Brandon's and Nathan's classes. For Brandon's class I am the room mother so I got to plan the activities. We decorated bags for our valentines, frosted cookies and made Valentine hats. Since this is my 3rd party to plan for Brandon's class it is pretty easy now. The kids are used to me and really like my crafts. Kimball even had fun making a hat. He really liked his hat!
After Brandon's party, Kimball, Brandon and I went over to Nathan's school to go to his party. Unfortunately we missed half of it, but we were still able to see him. He had fun seeing Brandon and Kimball there.

After Nathan's Party, we all came home and went through the Valentine bags. The boys got a lot of candy!! They were nice enough to share a few pieces with Mom! Early that week, Nathan's made Valentine hats too, so I couldn't resist making them stand together with their hats. I think they boys are getting used to the idea that Mom likes to take pictures and expecially with them all together. We all had a fun day!

Nathan wanted to show off his "heart glasses" too!

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