Monday, February 2, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Kimball is a complete Daddy's boy. At first I was extremely upset and very jealous! A normal response from the mother. I would get sad and feel like I wasn't special enough at first but now I am okay with it. I realized that I have my alone time with Kimball and I know that he loves me very much.
So Kimball loves Daddy, he is so happy to see him all the time and follows him around the house when he is home. Another thing that Kimball loves is books, blankets, stuffed animals, milk, food...etc. So if he has anything he likes and Dad is holding him, ohhh we are in 7th Heaven! So he was able to catch Dad and have Dad read him a book. I love it that Kimball loves his daddy so much, and am so grateful to have a husband like Travis!

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