Thursday, February 26, 2009


You would think that going as a family to places, such as a church event would not be stressful and laid back. Not with my family!

Tonight was the Blue and Gold for our Cubscouts. Travis is the Cub Master and I am a Den Mother Assistant. So we kinda have to go to these things.

It started out fine, and the boys were running around enjoying big deal it was before it started, we are good. Then we start. They can color on the tables but after seriously 2 minutes of that they were tired and wanted to get up and run again. Meanwhile we have skits, and songs and things going on that we don't need Brandon or Nathan to be running around during. So finally 1/2 hour later it was time for dinner. By this time, I had had it, fine you want to run around, do it, but stay out of the way. Although I had to put a stop to Nathan jumping of a table in the forer. We get them a plate of dinner, hot dogs! Their favorite, they will eat really well....nope. We would take a bite, then get up and run around. Sit down, take a bite, get up and run around. Just contstantly. Then after another 20 to 30 minutes later we start doing the awards. Now I am letting the boys go in and out, because lets face it, when I try to hold them and strain them they go hay wire and scream, (I tried this first thing with Nathan). But after Nathan and Brandon both tripped on the microphone wire I had enough. I couldn't do it anymore. So I took the keys from Travis (between award giving) and took the boys home and put them straight to bed. So 40 minutes later they are out.

Some people may look at me as a bad Mother because I cannot control my children and that they run wild. Yes they do this, but I would like anyone out there who think they can do a better job to try it. Take my place for a day and see how long you can last. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people judge some poor Mother on how their child is acting. They don't know the background of the child or if they cannot control themselves in public like my children. Or they could even be something else that the naked eye cannot see. So I say lets we all don't judge other people too harsly, and maybe give a helping hand. And also a look that you give can be harsher than any words you may say. So smile too!!

I know I am blessed with these boys for a reason and I love them to death! I know that I was given them because I could provide the best for them as well as I needed to learn from them. I am constantly learning from them and I love and appreciate them. I wouldn't trade my children for children who didn't have autism. Autism is fun once you get to understand it!

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