Thursday, February 12, 2009


Have you ever had yellow children? I have.
Yesterday I came down with a nasty head cold so I took the day off and tried to relax so I could be better for this weekend. (It is my anniversary) So Travis was a wonderful husband and made dinner and I was upstairs relaxing.
Next thing you know we have yellow children. Nathan had gotten into my scrap booking bag and found a yellow ink pad. I didn't even know I had a yellow ink pad in my scrap booking bag. I just thought there were paper and scissors, but no there was a yellow ink pad.

I was lucky and haven't found any yellow on the floors but only a little here and there on the walls (but it is coming off well enough). Brandon and Nathan did realize that they shouldn't be doing what they were doing and tried to wash their hands, they didn't come clean. So even after we scrubbed them down (Travis did) they were still yellow. So now I have yellow children, for who knows how long. Anyone jealous?

Kimball was upset that he couldn't go into the bathroom with his other brothers....this is the pre-shower.
Nathan after the shower. I told him that this wasn't something to smile about and so he made a mad face. No remorse....oh well that is autism for you.
Brandon got that he needed to say sorry but no remorse either. He had a hard time not smiling. I guess it is partically my fault for taking pictures, you smile in pictures!
Nathan's neck was terrible! All the way to the back. I asked him if he did it and he said yes. These are all after the scrub down shower.
Brandon and Kimball woke up a little less yellow today, so now Brandon thinks that sleep will take away the yellow, but Nathan's is really bad. I think Nathan will be yellow for some time.


Lopez Life said...

LOL I'm sorry thats too funny!

Jan said...

Crystal, you should try hairspray. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON THEM, (hands are ok, just not around their face) spray a soft cloth until it is moist. Quickly try taking off the yellow before it evaporates. This works really well with Sharpie ink, or any permenent marker, on skin or surfaces

Laci said...

I don't think I'd be laughing (too much) if they were my kids...but since they're yours...I'm cracking up! I love it! So funny!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Thanks Jan I will try that, Nathan has a wedding reception to go to tonight! Thanks!

Bohn Family said...

Too Funny - I love that you got pictures of them!