Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was tagged by the one and only awesome Katie Jones!!! We like to call her the Queen of the World, or Great One.

You're supposed to name 25 things, habits, goals, likes, dislikes, etc. about you.

1. I check my email on average 10 times a day.

2. I check my blog on average 5 times a day.

3. I like to crochet but find myself very overwhelmed with it when I find that I have a deadline to finish a project.

4. I HATE to deal with salesman or anyone trying to get me to buy anything or do anything. I always refer them to Travis. I hate to tell people no, or to be rude to their face.

5. I like to digital scrapbook and find it a lot easier and more convenient it to do it on my computer than to sit down and do a page.

6. I like to play clublive.com games and have won a LOT of prices from them.

7. I find myself very involved with my children’s schooling not to just help them but to feel like I fit in more.

8. I am very much a follower and will go with just about anyone’s opinion over my own.

9. When I am stressed out or upset I will bite my finger nails.

10. I love to daydream about my house and what I would like to decorate it with, and I have a constant list of things that I want to decorate it with.

11. I love to eat out. I would rather eat out 3 times a day instead of staying home and cooking, or even have someone else cook me a home cook meal.

12. I love to go cloths shopping, accessories shopping, shopping in general. I love to spend money.

13. I have very strong feeling about certain things, and when it is time to voice my opinion, around family members I keep quite so as not to cause confrontation or if they say something that I cannot come back with something intelligent. I lose my head and my confidence very easily.

14. I hate talking on the phone. The only time I don’t mind talking on the phone is when I am driving, I rather talk to my sister or mom or whomever I need to talk to in the car instead of listening to the radio.

15. I love romance movies, books, stories anything romantic.

16. I love my boys very much but sometimes I wish I could go away for some time and have no responsibilities. But whenever I am gone I always think about my boys and wonder how they are doing.

17. Travis is constantly in my head, everything I do I think of his reaction. I like to talk to him at work all the time, whether it is texting, talking on the phone or using msn messenger. This drives him nuts when I call him a lot.

18. I know my husband better than anyone one else knows him, and I find it irritating when someone does not believe me when I tell them that Travis does something.

19. I hate cleaning, but yet I like to have a clean house, so I try to do at least some cleaning a day, although my bathrooms get neglected quite a bit.

20. I cleaned out my fridge last week and it was the first time I cleaned a fridge in over 7 years. Travis normally cleans the fridge.

21. I hate it when I get spots on my carpet. I like it to look brand new all the time.

22. I love DIET COKE! I love diet drinks in general, I drink a lot of diet pop a day….don’t judge but I can drink 64oz of water a day plus 100oz of diet pop a day.

23. I like to watch shows on the internet because I can keep busy while watching, whether I am scrapbooking or crocheting or doing little things that I need to do on the computer.

24. I get grand ideas of projects and so I start out with a lot of enthusiasm but towards the middle of the project I lose interest.

25. I like to have my feet on a stool when I am at the computer (They are on a stool now!)

I tag no one! I rarely do this so would hate to condemn anyone to having to do this.


S and RA Beazer said...

Thanks for not tagging anyone. I struggle with these silly things. I enjoyed reading yours.

Alex and Katie said...

the Great One suits me fine. I didn't comdemn you! I love you and wanted to see what you would say. I knew all of those too, except for the digital scrapbooking and the stool- oh, and I don't think you're a follower- I think the opposite actually, but what do I know!